Gran Family

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More than 10,000 km, from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Paris, on a Jingle Truck, the most incredibly fashionably decorated trucks in the world, from either Pakistan or Afghanistan, in a project to link the East and the West, with the power of friendship through true genuine friendship between cultures and men who professed, are born in places so distant as those two remote spots of the Earth.

The Pamplonas (Wilfred & Lolita, +) and the Grans (Andres & ?, + ?).  Does anyone want to join the team?

The itinerary:

Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)

Bangkok (Thailand)

Delhi  (India)

Lahore (Pakistan)

Baluchistan (Pakistan)

Isfahan (Iran)

Tehran (Iran)

Ankara (Turkey)

Istanbul (Turkey)

Athens (Greece)

Belgrade (Serbia, former Yugoslavia)

Innsbruck (Austria, Tirol region)

Strasbourg (France)

Troyes (France)