Gran Family

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Name: Andres Gran Garcia





1511 San Juan Ave.

Alamosa, CO 81101

Ph: +1 719-992-0097





Garbo 24

Ballesteros de Calatrava

13432 Spain




St Christopher Inn,

The Village. 161 Borough High St.

London SE1 1HR


Email: [email protected]


Personal website:

Professional website:



Degrees reached:


Bachelor’s degree in Sociology by Universidad Complutense, Madrid; Major in Social Psychology.

Aptitude Certificate in the English language by the Official School of Languages, Alicante.



Other courses & studies:


Advanced English course at Mayfair School, London.

Course in Behaviour Psychology at Cinteco, Madrid.

Fast reading, studying and memorising course at ILVEM, Madrid.

Course in Theology for lay people at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid

1 year of physics at Universidad Complutense Madrid









1 year as a foreign exchange training dealer for the Bank of America, Madrid.


7 years at Peñafort Cultural Centre for socially at risk young people, and adults in Madrid, as a Social Sciences, Spanish and English teacher.


3 years working as a tour leader, in the summer for different travel agencies, in Europe and Asia.


1 year as Spanish language teacher at La Encarnación school, Villena, Spain.

8 years as sociologist-owner of a private school for students with learning and language disabilities and Spanish.


2 years as a freelance, teaching studying and memorizing techniques at different schools.

18 years as an English teacher, working at IES Hermanos Amoros, a secondary public school in Villena, Spain.


4 years as Head of the English Department in that school.


14 years as Tutor/Mentor in the same school.


4 years as Responsible Teacher for Adapted Curriculum Groups (alternative groups for students with a slow leaning rhythm, unmotivated), for the same school

1 year teaching Group Dynamics courses for the Valencian Education Department (Valencian



I’ve also worked as a freelance for different companies as translator and interpreter of English and French to Spanish.


In my younger years I had different and peculiar jobs from salesman to baker and traded with

different goods in different countries around the world.


Consultant for Education and Tourism in the international Internet Portal “CatholicNet”

1 year (last before, voluntarily, retiring): as a Spanish for foreign people and English for University/Professional Schools access for adult people at CFPA Benisassent, Cocentaina. Alicante. Spain













Advanced skills with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), Design Programs (Corel Draw,  Photopaint, Photoshop, Movie Maker). Web Page design, Video and Audio creation and design with different tools, Map Creation (Google). Photography, Study and Memory Techniques, Speed Reading, Learning Disabilities Teacher/ instructor.



Work in the USA:


2010-2011: Spanish teacher at St James School in Denver

2011-2012: Spanish and Theology teacher at St John Fisher Academy, in Racine, WI

2012: Medical Interpreter for Aurora Health, South Market. Kenosha, WI

2012 Sub Teacher for Alamosa, Rio Grande and Sierra Grande School districts, in Colorado


Other interesting information:


A large experience organising school activities such us trips, cultural/foreign exchanges, contests, meetings, etc.


I’m a great traveller and have a good knowledge of the world (all Europe, North America, Middle and Far East)


I own and am the webmaster of 4 Internet sites, one of them for young people who want to live the high and noble ideals of the medieval knights:


Caballeros del Bordoño (in reconstruction process)


I also have started a project, still at draft stage, in Education Through Travel, that you can see at:  (not fully implemented yet)



Hobbies & interests:


I have practised basketball for 20 years in official competitions. I’m also good at swimming and

table tennis. Trekking is one of my favourite activities on my holidays. I’m a lover of Nature.

I love and enjoy Geography, Photography and computer design. Of course, I love travelling too.



Languages spoken:


Spanish (native), English (fluent), French (fluent), Italian (medium level), German (rudiments).



Personal characteristics:


Enterprising, enthusiastic, a lover of friendship, tenacious, a bit stubborn, youthful. I like being and accompanying young people and I highly appreciate their virtues and try to highlight them. Reliable and responsible. I don’t easily discourage. Great hopes and dreams, but with the feet attached to the ground..



Professional expectations:


To work within a team of capable, hardworking and enthusiastic people.


To be able to contribute to any project involving a better common understanding of people from different nations and backgrounds in our new multicultural societies, advanced by Mc Luhan and his Global Village prospect for  the future, now present, envisaged by him years ago…



                             JOB INFO

TELÉFONO:  +34  615 12 54 39 (España) / +33  6 66 96 95 16  (Francia). +1  719 992 0097 (USA). +35 192 031 8702 (Portugal)


In Varzy, France

We would have been very good friends if we had been at the time im the same school and class


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